Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common worker questions here! If you are experiencing issues with the app, first check that you have the latest version installed (navigate to HD Worker's App page on Google Play or the App Store to check.

CSA safety shoes green triangle certification.
What are CSA Certified safety shoes?
All workers MUST bring their own steel toed shoes. CSA Certified safety shoes will have a steel toe and display the CSA green triangle. You must bring your own pair of steel toed shoes to work.

If you do not have a pair of steel toed shoes, you will need to buy a set, the company will not offer steel toed shoes.
No shorts allowed sign
What is the dress code?
All workers are required to wear long pants at work at all times. Workers must wear plain shirts. Print shirts and all shorts are strictly forbidden. Your worker outfit should have no jewelry, no nail polish and should include plain pants, a plain shirt, and your steel toed safety shoes.
No jewelry sign
Why cant I wear jewelry or nail polish at work?
You are not allowed to wear any form of jewelry at work, including by not limited to bracelets, bangles, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, and rings. You are also not allowed to wear any form of nail polish.

Jewelry can get caught in machines and nail polish can contaminate the production line. Therefore, no jewellery, loose objects, or nail polish are allowed on the production line.
How can I contact the HD Head Office?
The office is open 10-4 on weekdays, excluding holidays.

(905) 763-9543
If the office is busy, they may not pick up calls. People visiting the office always have first priority for service. If you cannot reach the head office, please wait 10-20 minutes and try again.

6175 Hwy 7 Unit 3, Vaughan L4H 0P6
We are on the 2nd Floor, above the Toronto Spine and Sports Clinic


Open the left menu and press the Chat button.
How can I complete my training?
Workers are required to complete the 5 mandatory training modules before they can submit bids. Please check your registered email for a 6-digit training code from "". Enter this code into the training centre and complete the 5 modules. Once your training is complete, you can submit bids on the Shift Board.

If your training code is expired, ask in the in-app chat for a new code. Each one-time code will expire in 7 days or when it is used.
How can I submit a bid and get work?
Once your training is complete, you can submit bids on the Shift Board. All workers can submit bids up to 48 hours in advance. Once you submit a bid, you will automatically enter the available pool.

If there is available work, you will receive a call from an HD Group scheduler to offer you a shift. Please do not go without a confirmation call.
How can I view and update my personal information?
Please open the left menu, then press My Profile. Your basic information will be displayed on this page, including your contact information, your HDID, and all of your business pins.

If you need to update your information, please press the Settings button on the bottom of the page. If you need to upload documents, please press Edit Images. Otherwise, you can press Edit Personal Information or Edit Emergency Contacts.
How do I change my password?
Please open the left menu, then press My Profile, and then press Settings. Press the Change Password button. You will need to enter your old password and then enter your new password. Finally, press the Change Password button.
How do I book a cheque pickup appointment?
To book a cheque pickup appointment, please open the left menu and press HD Group Cheques. Then, select your date and timeslot. If you cannot see any timeslots, you will need to select another date since there are no available spots on your chosen date.

Once you have chosen your date and time, press Next. You will need to select the Work Location and the Start and End of Week. Finally, press Confirm Booking to reserve your slot!

Please make sure to arrive on time for your appointment, if you arrive too early you will be sent away until it is your time. If you arrive too late, you will not be able to collect your cheque.
How do I cancel my cheque pickup appointment?
Please open the left menu and press HD Group Cheques. You should see a screen displaying your appointment details. Then, press the cancel button (you may have to scroll down on smaller phones).

You will be required to confirm twice before you can cancel your appointment. After you cancel your appointment, a text message and in app notification will be sent to confirm your cancellation.


Chat with us on the app or contact us at 905-874-9809 during HD Group's business hours.

Business hours:
10am-4pm on weekdays, excluding holidays.