HD Group App

We designed the HD Group mobile app with you in mind. Use the app to set your work availability, check your schedule, claim new shifts, set cheque pickup appointments and so much more!

App Features and How To's

Register or Login
Follow the directions on-screen to register on to the HD Group application. Already have an account? Simply login!
Complete your Training
Complete all necessary training materials within the app so you can get to work quickly and efficiently!
Fill your schedule up to 30 days in advance!
Fill your schedule for the rest of the month! View all available shifts from HD Group by navigating to the “Shift Board”, and simply apply!
View shift details
Each shift will showcase important information such as job location, time, date, items to bring, proper attire and various notes communicated by the job site.
View your schedule
View and keep track of your upcoming shifts!
Change your availability
Have a change of plans? Alter your availability easily throughout the week!
Keep your information up-to-date
View your personal details and request changes if necessary!
View your work history
Keep track of your hours and view your completed shifts within the app.
Scan into your shift
Easily scan into your shift with your custom QR code.
Cheque Pickups
Set an appointment to pick up your cheque for quicker service!


Chat with us on the app or contact us at 905-874-9809.